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C.1 – C.3 Artists’ Professional Fees 2019

Rates for 2019 remain posted for archival reference purposes, but they are no longer in effect.

To view the correct rates for your project, choose the year in which the exhibition, reproduction, or service takes place from the tabs at the top, and then visit the relevant section(s) for your project.

Artists’ Professional Fees

Artists carry out many tasks in the course of their professional careers that merit fair remuneration. The following are recommended fees for several common tasks. This list is not considered exhaustive – remuneration for any other activities requiring such should be negotiated.

These fees are not associated with copyright use, which would be charged separately.

They do not include equipment rental costs, travel costs, publication costs, insurance or shipping, or any other cost associated with exhibition production – they are compensation for an artist’s time and labour only.


Presentation would include speaking or teaching about an artist’s own work or any area of expertise associated with the work or one’s life as an artist, leading workshops or tours, speaking to school groups, and so on.

Consultation means the giving of advice, input or opinions that might be associated with project development, exhibitions, or commissions concerning the artist’s own production, or participation in a consultative process concerned with, for example, policy development in the cultural arena, or participation in a jury or other selection process.

Installation means overseeing or participation in the installation or de-installation of works for an exhibition on the exhibitor’s premises. Activities associated with installation may include unpacking or packing of works, placing works in an exhibition space, ordering, hanging, adjustment of equipment, and so on.

Preparation is the work associated with producing an exhibition that is done outside the exhibitor’s premises. Preparation might include correspondence, telephone calls, preparing plans or reproductions, writing statements, proof-reading, overseeing packing and shipping arrangements, and so on.

C.1 Presentation or Consultation

Per half day, under 4 hours$310
Per day, over 4 hours$546

C.2 Installation

Per half day, under 4 hours$277
Per day, over 4 hours$462

C.3 Preparation

Per half day, under 4 hours$246
Per day, over 4 hours$423