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2021 Fee Schedule

Recommended practices for paying artists during the COVID-19 crisis

The CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule provides guidelines on what visual and media artists should be paid for their copyright and other professional services. Canadian Copyright laws provide artists with the right to be paid for exhibitions and reproductions, and most public funders require that museums and public galleries pay royalties and fees according to our guidelines.

The Fee Schedule is updated regularly through negotiation and usage, with annual increases reflecting changes in the cost of living. All rates shown in the Fee Schedule are in Canadian dollars and do not include PST/GST/HST.

What does the Fee Schedule apply to?

If an artwork is exhibited in a public gallery where the work is not for sale, the artist should be paid a royalty. Those royalties are found in Section 1 of the Fee Schedule.

If an artwork is reproduced in a book or on a website, etc. the artist should receive a royalty. Those royalties are found in Section 2 (non-commercial/non-advertising uses) and Section 3 (commercial/advertising) of the Fee Schedule.

If an artist is asked to give a presentation, speak on a panel, write an artist statement, install their work, etc, they should be paid a fee for those services.  Professional services fees are provided in Section 4 of the Fee Schedule.

Which year’s rates are applicable to my project?

The rates for 2021, 2022, and 2023, which include annual increases, are found in separate sections of this website. To view the correct rates, choose the year in which the exhibition, reproduction, or service takes place. Rates for previous years may remain posted for archival reference purposes, but they are no longer in effect.

What rates apply to members of Copyright Visual Arts?

Copyright Visual Arts negotiate copyright licenses on behalf of their affiliated members, and their rates sometimes differ slightly from ours. Contact them for details.


If you have any further questions, please contact:

April Britski, CARFAC National Executive Director

Maryse Beaulieu, General Director, RAAV